Mothers and
their children

We Are in a Health Crisis

COVID-19 isn’t the only alarming health crisis in Los Angeles.

With all the difficult decisions and time-consuming obligations that mothers grapple with, they often find themselves sacrificing their own health and well-being for their loved ones. In fact, 78% of women say that they put off taking care of themselves because they are so busy taking care of other family members.

It’s not just children that mothers look after – they also manage the health of their partners. Studies show that married men tend to see doctors more frequently than unmarried men, likely as a result of their partners’ diligence in scheduling appointments on their behalf.

With the overall prosperity of our communities falling on the shoulders of mothers, they often don’t have time for (or miss) their own critical health appointments such as mammograms and check-ups for heart disease. If these health conditions go ignored, they can become terminal.

It's time that we give back to mothers, to ensure they have the proper support and resources to keep themselves and their families healthy.

Ava Rivera is a full-time administrative assistant. She’s also a full-time mother of three.

With her husband working 12-hour shifts, Ava is the primary manager of their family’s day-to-day needs – especially when it comes to overseeing their health and wellness.

From scheduling appointments and caring for her children when they’re sick, to cooking nutritious meals and helping ensure they thrive in academia, the responsibility of managing the health and well-being of the family falls on Ava. Indeed, it occupies most of her free time and energy.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the expectations and pressure fell even heavier on Ava’s shoulders. With the closure of schools and childcare facilities, and the looming danger of the virus at large, she felt an increased sense of urgency to keep her family healthy – causing her to miss her annual mammogram.

Unfortunately, stories like Ava’s are the norm in our community.

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Our Mothers Need Help

Statistically, mothers are three times more likely than fathers to be responsible for caregiving. In fact, 82% of women do most of the health-related research for their kids, and 86% of women schedule doctors appointments for their families. But what happens when they don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to keep themselves and their families healthy?

While the COVID-19 pandemic and lengthy quarantines exacerbated this pressure, these troubling statistics applied long before the pandemic. Mothers have always been forced to make high-stakes decisions that affect their entire families’ health and well-being every single day – from navigating life in a food desert, to choosing schools and safe neighborhoods, to nurturing a happy, healthy family life – all while balancing finances, work and their own mental health.

Healthy Mothers Lead to Healthy Communities

When you partner with AltaMed, you ensure that the mothers in our community have the support and resources they need to make informed decisions and maintain their health and that of their families.


Phone and video doctor visits

Routine health screenings

Checking insurance coverage

Dental and oral health services

Identifying the right doctors

Mobile Health Units

COVID-19 support & resources

Transportation to appointments

It’s time to provide the support that mothers have been desperately needing for so long.

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Without the continued support of our donors, we won’t be able to create sustainable, lasting change. Our fund aims to put systems in place to ensure that mothers and their families will continue to receive the care they need.

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